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  Meridian Surveying and Mapping - Client file access area

Meridian strives to assist our clients in any way we can to make your project run smoother, be more cost-efficient, and meet critical deadlines. We will work with your design staff, legal counsel, or project inspectors to accurately provide all your surveying services. If you would like help determining the extent of your surveying needs, please contact us at any time. For large acreage tracts, roadway design, or commercial construction projects we would prefer to meet on-site with both the project engineer and property owner to help determine the most cost efficient and timely manner to achieve your project goals. Client references for any type of survey project can be provided upon request. 

Are the files you are sending huge ? Do you need a program to compress files you are sending ? (Compressing will reduce the size of your files) that you are sending. On the receiving end they will just need to "unzip" the files to return to normal or uncompress format. This is a good program if need to ensure the file size is as small as it can be. Download Download Winzip32

Need an FTP download? Down-load WS-FTP-LE . It is a very "user-friendly" program. This is a good basic FTP program. Meridian does not offer formal support for this program but it has been in the public domain on the internet for years. For those prospective new or old clients that will need an FTP program, feel free to DL the copy we have to offer on our server. You will need a FTP to communicate with us. If you have an ftp program feel free to use that one. Meridian looks forward to servicing you.


Down-load instructions here > How to down-load WS-FTP_LE and Winzip32